Personal Disability Consulting provides individual advocacy and case management services to adults with disabilities and their families.

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"At Personal Disability Consulting, we take great care to listen for what our clients really want. We build alliances and provide services specifically designed to ensure that each person's needs are met."

-Lee Rachel Jurman, Founder

Personal Disability Consulting

If you are recently disabled due to an accident, illness or injury, you may find your world significantly altered, with new and overwhelming needs and bureaucracies to negotiate. Many individuals living with chronic or progressive diseases encounter obstacles and life issues on a daily basis. Lee Rachel Jurman specializes in navigating the maze of public and private resources, identifying options, and providing ongoing support to help people with disabilities and their families take back control of their lives.

Lee draws on her volume of knowledge across a range of disability issues, experience in negotiating systems and services, and extensive referral networks to assist each client in a compassionate, effective and personalized manner. She has worked extensively with people with Asperger's Syndrome, acquired and traumatic brain injuries, mental illnesses, ADHD, learning disabilities and developmental disabilities. Lee works primarily with adults from the ages of 18 through 60.

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306 Webster St
Newton, MA 02466

Tel: 617-916-2769
Fax: 617-916-2737

Consultations are available via video conference, FaceTime and phone. We follow all COVID-19 precautions. In-person meetings may be available for fully vaccinated individuals.